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Advanced Control Systems has been serving the Automation and Controls industries since 1992. Our SCADA and factory automation installations number in the hundreds, spanning North America and the world.

In addition to providing world-class systems integration, controls design, and engineering services, our Hosted Services division develops and deploys cloud-hosted CarefreeSCADA and WaterMaster Irrigation Water Management software solutions.

Steve Thomsen

Steve Thomsen

Steve is President and Head of Engineering at ACS. He has 29 years of experience in system controls and automation, and has worked with everything from B1 Bombers to water districts.

John Nichols

John Nichols

John is the Manager of our Hosted Services group, developers of cloud-based irrigation and SCADA solutions. He’s a software industry veteran with 30-plus years bringing successful manufacturing and process automation solutions to market.

Rick Patton

Rick Patton

Rick is the Director of Marketing and Sales. With over 20 years in the technical marketing and sales profession, he enjoys helping clients and working with them to achieve mutual success.

25th Anniversary

“We are pleased and blessed to be celebrating 25 years of providing systems, solutions, and services to our customers in Idaho and beyond. Thank you for your business and support of Advanced Control Systems. Without you, we wouldn’t exist. Also, a special shout-out to the ACS team. Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. We look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary with you all.”

- Curtis Landreth

Curt Landreth

1964 - 2018

Our founder and CEO, Curtis Landreth, passed away after a long, courageous battle with a debilitating disease. He is sorely missed, but Curt's values and vision for ACS, dating back to our founding in 1992, will continue to serve us and our customers well.